Computers and Wrenches 🌳 - The Longevity Ideology.

My 1,5 year old laptop is in repair, again. I needed a laptop to work on while its in repair, so I bought an old 2012 Retina Macbook Pro. The thing works surprisingly well for a 9 year old machine. It lasts long.

A few days ago I was discussing FLYWRENCH, the original one, the prototype from 2007. I never played it. I wanted to play it. I couldn’t find it.

Then a glimmer of hope. An old post about NICEWRENCH, Jonathon Blows prototype that riffed off FLYWRENCH. There was a download link inside of the README file. Copy and paste it into the address bar, download does not exist anymore., copy paste the link. The .zip starts downloading. Excitement! Uncompress, oh its a windows .exe, search for wine on MacOS, install wine, double click FLYWRENCH.EXE - Messhof presents

It’s running and its working. A lot of steps, but its running. However, I believe we can do better.

Make things that will be long lasting.

Be cool. Make your stuff long last.

Bonus: Here is the