Shit 💩

The short #

The long #

A significant part of the population of the world does not have access to new technology. They do not have the freshest graphic cards, they do not have the greatest headphones, they do not have the newest phone.

They look at your works on a shitty lcd that displays a deep shade of blue instead of a lime green.

Account target for ALL people and their hardware. Account for what everyone has. Leverage the common good, not the hardware that is exclusive and locked behind a paywall.

Living in Paris, Gaza or São Paolo - our works should be accessible regardless of where you live and what your economic status is.

Regardless of where we live, big firms promise us hardware that will make our work faster, brighter, traced with special rays, richer with base! But what types of people can afford that? We should create for the people that will hear, read, play, watch what we make. That is everyone that can enjoy art. So simply put, every human - not the giant corporations.

Be aware of your medium and its message. Be aware of your surroundings - people around you might own good headphones, but does everyone have good headphones?

Make for the people. Make for the shitty LCD.